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Most homeowners don't spend much time in their basements, let alone their crawl spaces. Since these areas are seldom supervised and sometimes poorly insulated, it's easy for water damage and other issues to occur – leading to the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria.

The very best way to protect your home from these issues is to invest in crawl space cleaning – and that's where we come in.

AM:PM Restoration has been providing efficient, detail-oriented crawl space cleaning services to clients for many years. We will take the time to survey your space, understand the problems it's facing, and ensure its ongoing safety.

To learn more or to schedule crawl space cleaning today, please dial 818-312-3950.

Understanding the Importance of Crawl Space Cleaning

Many property owners have the attitude of "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to the nooks and crannies of their homes. While it makes sense to focus your cleaning energies and resources on areas of your residential property that you and your guest see regularly, it's essential to recognize the dangers that could be lurking out of sight.

Crawl spaces are notorious for growing and harboring bacteria. While this may not seem like a big deal, mold and mildew can pose considerable health threats to you and your loved ones and attract undesirable pests into your home, too.

Ensuring that these spaces are regularly maintained is crucial to the ongoing safety of your home and everyone in it.

Book an Inspection for Crawl Space Cleaning

Before our team can get to work cleaning your crawl space, we need to understand the extent of the job at hand. When you contact us about crawl space cleaning, we will schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

During the inspection, our experts will examine the basement or crawl spaces in your home, identifying any and all issues. We will make a cleaning plan and schedule your service as soon as possible.

We will also be happy to provide you with a cost estimate before we get to work.

Invest in Crawl Space Cleaning Before You Sell

Maintaining the cleanliness of your crawl space is important for a variety of reasons. It can be especially beneficial if you are looking to sell your home.

Your home inspector will quickly identify areas of your home that have been neglected, and if your basement or crawl space is one of them, you know they'll be written up.

Buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready, and if your crawl spaces are infected by mold, bacteria, pests, or other issues, you could scare away potential buyers.

Trust Our Crawl Space Cleaning Experts

Our restoration team has been helping homeowners secure their crawl spaces for many years. We will take the time to identify the problems you're facing and develop a detailed cleaning plan. When you trust our expert team, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Accurate quotes
  • Fast and efficient cleaning services
  • Flexible schedule
  • The help of friendly experts
Free Inspection

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Basements and crawl spaces are two of the most common areas of mold growth in the home. Many families don’t often spend much time in their basements, and rarely if ever peek into their crawlspaces. This means mold problems in these areas, much like attic mold, are often not discovered until the problem has already grown to a significant size.

Most mold issues in crawl spaces are caused by high moisture and humidity. Consider the location of the crawlspace or basement water damage it sits underneath your home right on top of the earth. Many crawl spaces have a plastic vapor barrier, but many don’t. Soil and dirt from the earth contain moisture. And moisture is one of two requirements for mold growth (the other being a food source such as the wood that acts as the ceiling of the crawlspace). And since moisture forms so easily in confined areas, dirt crawl spaces are fertile breeding grounds for mold.

Call for Crawl Space Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA now, and we'll make sure that your crawl space is cleared out in no time and with low cost crawl space cleaning.

Eliminating Mold Caused by a Flooded Basement

**IMPORTANT: If your sump pump fails and you’ve got a flooded basement, you MUST contact a professional water damage and dry-out company within 24 hours so they can bring in their equipment to rapidly dry the basement. In other words, eliminate the mold before it has a chance to grow

What Should You Look For?

You may be able to easily check for signs that your crawl space needs cleaning just by opening it up and looking in with a flashlight. If you notice mold, animal droppings, or water discoloration, all of these indicate that it's time for a cleaning. Smell may also let you know that it's needed, as foul odors emanate from both animal waste as well as mold.

Basement Cleaning

Health Benefits!

The disease, mold, allergens, and generally "rancid air" that can fester in a dingy old crawlspace can seep up into the air in your living spaces. If your ducts run through the crawlspace, then it's even more likely bad crawlspace air will pollute your good "upper level" air.

A much as 40% of the air circulating in and out of a home passes through the crawlspace, and breathing contaminated air can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or worse.

Plus, diseases can spread from rodents (alive or dead), insects, and germ-infested water and dampness.

Save Money!

A total crawlspace makeover can save you as high as 30% on your monthly energy bill. How? By eliminating the conditions that attract insulation-destroying rodents and sealing holes to keep them out. By replacing damaged insulation if necessary, by air sealing, and by upgrading your ducts if they're inadequate.

By preventing air coming in/out through the crawlspace from diluting your conditioned indoor air, you won't have to spend as much to heat/cool your home.

Basement Cleaning Basement Cleaning Basement Cleaning

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